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My Response To MIAC Report by Chuck Baldwin, March 24, 2009‏

My Response To MIAC ReportBy Chuck BaldwinMarch 24, 2009

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By now, readers should be familiar with the Missouri Information AnalysisCenter (MIAC) report dated 02/20/09 and titled, "MIAC Strategic Report: TheModern Militia Movement."

In this dreadfully malicious and slanderous "lawenforcement sensitive" secret police report, Governor Jeremiah (Jay) Nixon;John Britt, Director of the Missouri Department of Public Safety; JamesKeathley, Colonel, Missouri State Highway Patrol; and Van Godsey, Directorof MIAC categorize certain citizens as being potential violence-prone"militia members."

I would venture to guess that more than 75% of the entirepopulation of the United States would fit the MIAC's broad definition ofsomeone who would fall into the aforementioned category. According to the MIAC report, if you oppose any of the following, you couldqualify for being profiled as a potential dangerous "militia member":

The United Nations
The New World Order
Gun Control
The violation of Posse Comitatus
The Federal Reserve
The Income Tax
The Ammunition and Accountability Act
A possible Constitutional Convention
The North American Union
Universal Service Program
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
llegal Immigration

Again, I would bet that at least 75% of the American people would oppose atleast one or more items on the above list. Well, according to the MIACreport, that is sufficient to make them potential dangerous "militiamembers." However, it is the following statement contained in the MIAC report that isparticularly disturbing to yours truly.

Under the heading "PoliticalParaphernalia," the report states, "Militia members most commonly associatewith 3rd party political groups. It is not uncommon for militia members todisplay Constitutional [sic] Party, Campaign for Liberty, or Libertarianmaterial. These members are usually supporters of former PresidentialCandidate [sic]: Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin, and Bob Barr."

The obvious inference of the above statement links Ron Paul, Bob Barr, andmyself to potential dangerous "militia members." The broader implication isthat the millions of people who supported Ron Paul, Bob Barr, or myself arelikewise categorized as potential dangerous "militia members."

This is a classic case of broad-brushed police profiling. Can you imagine the falloutof this preposterous report had the names Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, andMaxine Waters been used instead of the names Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin, andBob Barr? Accordingly, Ron Paul, Bob Barr, and I wrote a formal letter to theabove-named Missouri officials demanding "that the following-describeddocument be immediately removed from any and all websites associated with ormaintained by the state of Missouri or any agency thereof, including theMIAC; that the said document no longer be circulated by the state ofMissouri or any agency thereof or associated therewith; and that the stateof Missouri repudiate its references to the three of us contained therein."

To view the full text of our letter to Governor Nixon of Missouri, go here: http://www.chuckbaldwinlive.com/MIAC-Letter.pdf

Ladies and gentlemen, we simply cannot allow this kind of police profilingto continue.
I assure you, this phenomenon is not limited to the State of Missouri.
Every state that has a "Fusion Center" is being fed this kind ofnonsense on a regular basis. You and I are commonly referred to as"extremists" in these secret police reports. This has been happening inearnest for the past couple of months and is operating under the auspices ofthe federal Department of Homeland Security.

And people with a publicplatform (such as myself, Ron Paul, Bob Barr, and a host of others) are nowbeing singled out by name.

How long will it be before police agencies begin"picking up and hauling away" those people whose names are mentioned inthese reports? It may be sooner than we think.

To see if your state has a "Fusion Center," go here: http://www.dhs.gov/xinfoshare/programs/gc_1156877184684.shtm

The only thing that will stymie this nonsense is a huge public outcryopposing it. Yes, the people of this country (that means YOU) still have thepower to put a stop to this kind of totalitarian thinking.
If we do nothing,however, it will soon be too late to stop it. We either stop it now, or itwill quickly mushroom into a leviathan that will both monitor and controlthe personal opinions and speech of every man, woman, and child in this country.

No, I am not exaggerating. The Feds already monitor virtually every phone call, email, and publicspeech in the country. How long before these secret police reports will beused as justification to arrest and incarcerate people because of theirideas and opinions, labeling them as a "threat" or as "dangerous" to society?

Here is the contact information for the appropriate officials in Missouri:

Email address:
Missouri Information Analysis Center
Division of Drugs & Crime Control
P. O. Box 568Jefferson City, MO 65102-0568
Phone: 573-751-6422Toll Free: 866-362-6422
Fax: 573-751-9950

And while you are at it, you should also contact the state police agency aswell as the governor's office in your state, especially if your state has a"Fusion Center" (see web site above).

Mark it down: if you have everpublicly opposed any of the above-mentioned issues or organizations, or have ever publicly supported an independent Presidential candidate, YOU ARE BEING PROFILED RIGHT NOW!

We await the State of Missouri's response. In the meantime, what are yougoing to do? P.S. Even as this column is being distributed, we have just received a replyfrom the Director of the Missouri Department of Public Safety, John Britt.
Iwill analyze and respond to this statement in my next column. *If you appreciate this column and want to help me distribute theseeditorial opinions to an ever-growing audience, donations may now be made bycredit card, check, or Money Order. Use this link:

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ncn.blogr.com - stories - 2009-03-24-Missouri-Apologizes-Over-MIAC
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Missouri Apologizes to Paul, Barr & Baldwin Over MIAC Report
Mar 24, 2009 ... Paul Joseph Watson But “domestic terror” smears against anti-abortion, anti-gun control, bumper sticker political activists will remain.

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Death squad leader ‘was top CIA agent’

(Sunday Herald)

SERBIA: Gabriel Ronay
THE LATE President Milosevic's secret police chief and organiser of Serb death squads during the genocidal ethnic cleansing of disintegrating Yugoslavia was the United States' top CIA agent in Belgrade, according to the independent Belgrade Radio B92.
The claim that from 1992 until the end of the decade, Jovica Stanisic, head of Serbia's murderous DB Secret Police, was regularly informing his CIA handlers of the thinking in Milosevic's inner circle has shocked the region.
Stanisic is said to have loyally served his two masters for eight years. He is facing war crimes charges at the International Criminal Court at The Hague.
In the terrifying years of Yugoslavia's internecine wars, he acted as the willing "muscle" behind Milosevic's genocidal campaigns in Croatia, Kosovo and Bosnia, including Sebrenica.
According to the charges he faces, Stanisic was "part of a joint criminal enterprise that included former Serbian president Slobodan Milosevic and other Serbian politicians".
Dermot Groome, The Hague's chief prosecutor, has specifically accused him of sending in the Serb Scorpion and Red Beret death squads into the states seeking independence from Belgrade. Stanisic has pleaded not guilty.
Like in a Cold War spy thriller, Serbia's secret police chief met his CIA handlers in safe houses, parks and boats on the river Sava to betray his master's action plans. He provided, it is claimed, information on the whereabouts of Nato hostages, aided CIA operatives in their search for Muslim mass graves and helped the US set up secret bases in Bosnia to monitor the implementation of the 1995 Dayton peace accord.
This has raised awkward questions for Washington. With Stanisic providing chapter and verse of the genocidal slaughter of Croats, Bosnians and Albanians from the early 1990s, should President Clinton have cut a deal with Milosevic at Dayton, Ohio, ending the Bosnian war on such equitable terms for the Serbs? Or, using Stanisic's evidence, should the Americans not have unmasked Milosevic and Radovan Karadzic, the then head of Republika Srpska, as genocidal war criminals and demanded their surrender?
From his prison cell at The Hague, Stanisic countered the charges facing him with an aide memoir portraying himself as "a person who had sought to moderate Milosevic and had done a great deal to moderate the crisis".
In an unusual move, the CIA has submitted classified documents to the court that confirm Stanisic's "undercover operative role in helping to bring peace to the region and aiding the agency's work. He helped defuse some of the most explosive actions of the Bosnian war."
In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, William Lofgren, his original CIA recruiter and handler, now retired, said: "Stanisic provided valuable information from Milosevic's inner circle. But he never took money from the CIA, worked with the agency on operations or took steps that he would have considered a blatant betrayal of his boss."
Thus the judges at The Hague are having to judge a man who allegedly sent the Scorpion death squads to Srebrenica to "deal" with men and boys fleeing the UN-protected Muslim enclave, while working with the CIA trying to end Milosevic's ethnic wars.
The way the CIA apparently viewed their Belgrade "asset" is revealed in an interview with Balkan Insight, a little known south-east European publication.
The emerging picture is a quaint reflection from a hall of mirrors. Greg Miller of the Los Angeles Times, writing about the links between the CIA and the Serb secret police chief, is quoted as saying: "As I said in the LAT story, the CIA do not see Stanisic as a choirboy. When you talk to people who work in espionage, this is often the case.
"Because of the nature of that job, of that assignment, they are working with people who do not have unblemished records, it would be difficult for them to be effective if they only worked with people who had unblemished records.
"People in Belgrade who have been following the career of Jovica Stanisic would say that this was a guy who was an expert in his field; he was a highly-trained and highly-effective spy. His motivation may have been that he wanted to know what the United States was up to.
"He did not believe that Milosevic was taking the country in the right direction - so he wanted to influence events. He saw himself as an important guy who could pull strings behind the scenes to make things happen in Belgrade."
Stanisic apparently did so on his own terms, while trying to remain a loyal Serb. He did not succeed.
Now he is having to account for his actions as Milosevic's loyal lieutenant at The Hague.


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Global Warming: The Most Absurd Fiction

If Evidence for Global Warming Were Conclusive, I Would Waste No Time Supporting It: Therefore, Seeing as how the evidence is NOT forthcoming, and in fact contrary, why are so many people in Extreme vocal opposition AGAINST me?

125,000 years ago, the global temperature was 5 degrees Celsius warmer than it is now. There was still plenty of ice in Greenland. (We know because of ice cores.) Polar bears did not become extinct. Nor did penguins.

In short, the world did not come to an end when the temperatures were 5 degrees warmer than today.According to the global warming alarmists, if we do not act immediately and drastically, we risk a 2 degree Celsius rise in temperature over the next hundred years or so.

This prediction is based on models that virtually everyone admits are inadequate. (These models do not, for instance take cloud cover into account. They also assume that we have an infinitely thick atmosphere. They failed to predict the cooling cycle we are now in. In short, they are totally inadequate to serve as a basis for setting policy.)

However, let us, for the sake of argument, assume that these models are correct & that we will see a 2 degree rise in temperature over the next century or so. If five degrees warmer did not cause a crisis, then certainly two degrees won't. In fact, two degrees warmer would be a great benefit to the earth's populations (human & animal).

New England would have the climate of Virginia. Much of Canada & Siberia would be habitable. Increased temperatures would result in increased rainfall so the Sahara would once more be green.

Let us not run around like panicked children.
Let us think before we act & let us study the situation before we rush off making drastic policy changes.
Let us work on improving these models & when they are accurate enough that they predict the climate a decade or two in advance, then maybe we can trust them to make predictions a century or two in the future.

We have time.
We are not facing doom.

Global Cooling? [1998-2005 data shows cooling trend] Global cooling: the new kid on the block Sun Spot Cycle Prompts Fears of Global Cooling ...http://ideonexus.com/2008/02/13/sun-spot-cycle-prompts-fears-of-global-cooling/

More than 31000 scientists have signed a petition denying that man is responsible for global warming.http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/2053842/Scientists-sign-petition-denying-man-made-global-warming.html

Newsmax.com - Scientist: Earth Cooling, Not WarmingApr 24, 2008 ... A San Francisco-based scientist says that current solar activity strongly indicates that the earth is on the verge of a new ice age.http://www.newsmax.com/headlines/global_warming_ice_age/2008/04/24/90591.html

Ice In The Greenhouse: Earth May Be Cooling, Not Warminghttp://www.odu.edu/ao/instadv/quest/Greenhouse.html

Mars Melt Hints at Solar, Not Human, Cause for Warming, Scientist SaysFeb 28, 2007 ... Ice caps are melting on both Earth and Mars. According to one researcher's controversial theory, this suggests that global warming has ...http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2007/02/070228-mars-warming.html

Global warming on Mars, ice caps meltingNASA says the Martian South Pole's ice cap has been shrinking for three summers ... Jupiter's caught the same cold, because it's warming up too, like Pluto. ...http://www.skepticalscience.com/global-warming-on-mars.htm

Climate myths: Antarctica is getting cooler, not warmer, disproving global warming ...Ice flows are growing thicker, even more ice is being lost from the peripheries. ...http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn11648

Nobody listens to the real climate change experts
telegraph.co.uk — Considering how the fear of global warming is inspiring the world's politicians to put forward the most costly and economically damaging package of measures ever imposed on mankind, it is obviously important that we can trust the basis on which all this is being proposed. Last week two international conferences addressed this issue.http://www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/columnists/christopherbooker/4990704/Nobody-listens-to-the-real-climate-change-experts.html

Expanding Glaciers
Some glaciers are shrinking, but many others are growing. You can't just look at one set of data.http://www.iceagenow.com/Growing_Glaciers.htm

This is the graph of global ice area since 1979

Do you see any trend of global ice mass loss? No, neither does anyone else with a rational mind.

I'm not saying that Global Warming didn't happen, I'm saying it did, but also Global Cooling IS currently occurring, and hell, next, it might be GLOBAL STALING. But the culprit, like always, is the sun. A scientist mag might not admit it, take your pick out of those that do and don't, but the fact is, the results don't lie.

"Did my SUV cause the ice caps on mars to melt, then, when the sunspots on the SUN stop, did my SUV and factories cause the caps to melt back?"

I could go on and on. The fact is, we have no power over the main source of energy in our solar system, and the Earth has carried life for billions of years. I doubt it will stop.
The consensus is that we live in a constantly changing planet that goes from any extreme from a Jurassic heat up to an Ice Age cool down, life goes on. But on our immediate situation, yes, most of our allergies, skin and breathing conditions as well as diseases and cancers are caused by human sources.

Guess who though?
The Bankers who supply and support the Corporations, you know, the ones with big Freemasonic/Pagan symbology like triangles and all seeing eyes everywhere. That's not a conspiracy is it? I didn't think so.
The conspiracy against mankind is real enough, and what most of you don't know is that the same people who openly oppose what you support, actually give contributions to those same institutions.
Carbon credit/carbon taxes are supported worldwide by politicians from across the board, and you can not deny any longer that carbon dioxide which we expel when we breath and plants inhale, is causing the Earth to go through these weather pattern farts.


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Super Myths

In todays society, myths, conspiracy theories, and propoganda combine to produce our culture of ignorance. We have no idea what is true, except what we FEEL inside of ourselves, because there is simply so much CRAP that fills our senses in everyday news that we stop listening, except to the most passionate. Unfortunately, the most passionate turn out to be the most wrong (that, or scam artists - See: Miss Cleo).

What really got my attention was the global warming issue. It swept over America a few years ago when Al Gore took to his little electronic manlift with ruler in hand and showed us how we were all going to die if we didn't start throwing ice cubes in the ocean and paying a global authority carbon taxes... Or something like that.

Well, it turned out he was wrong when he was sued by dozens of scientists and had his reputation tarnished as 650 international scientists stood up against the claim that the Earth's warming was caused by humans, let alone that the Earth was warming at all.

In fact, in 2008, it came out that the Earth was COOLING, and who turned out the be the culprit? The Sun! Of course. *slaps head* Silly humans. Always taking responsibility for supposed calamities. Well, when you feel like the global financial crisis is your fault, feel free to immediately begin directing funds into my account. But while we wait for you to get a conscience, I'll allow you to wallow in thought from this list i've compiled exposing the biggest "Catastrophe's & Problems Facing man" which are in fact, myths.

Scientist: Warming Could Cut Population to 1 Billion

dotearth.blogs.nytimes.com — Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, the director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany, said that if the buildup of greenhouse gases and its consequences pushed global temperatures 9 degrees Fahrenheit higher than today — well below the upper temperature range that scientists project could occur from global warming.


From Digg:
The correct solution to "global warming" is to have the courage to do nothing.Global warmists are like misguided cultists eager to swallow the religion of environmentalism. Jonestown, here we come. Except on digg, we scoff at religion because it's "stupid" and pat ourselves on the back for being so "much more intelligent."

And obviously, our inconsistencies with respect to who is spreading the gospel proves our intelligence to be in tact and our criticism to be fair, as any beliefs not shared with our own are repressed, belittled, buried down (like this comment will be), attacked and deemed as "hate" speech.

I’ve yet to see environmental agencies like 'Go Green or Rot in Hell' consistently badger the government to do something substantial about alternative energies. It’s easier for them to jump on the global warming bandwagon and send copies of An Inconvenient Truth to schools. And seconds later, a deacon appointed by Al Gore is on the home page of Digg for his courage to scare the hell out of kindergartners by telling them we’re killing polar bears and butterflies.And seriously, the sound of bullshit detectors going off is not a strategy.

You can't say you're for the "little guy" when you side with activist judges over the will of the people and put the demands of tree-hugging eco-wackos ahead of working Americans.Do you identify better with Ben Affleck or JoeSixpack? Who is the "common man" and why are we always telling him what he's doing wrong?

Reply to alanocu :
climate change then the pollution
- If we stopped pollution then the lack of drinking water
- If we solved the problem of drinking water then the lack of fossil energy
- If we managed to switch to renewable energy then deforestation
- If we stopped deforestation then overpopulation... etc.

With my most positive attitude I must say that we won't be able to solve every one of these. We are simply too many.If we accept this, then the only question remains:

HOW can the human population be decreased to 20% of its current size in the next 50 years? wow...


You know, you bring up quite an interesting conundrum and conspiracy. All those issues you brought up that the Super reactionaries back have been proven incorrect:

- If not the climate change then the pollution (we found out that the earth was cooling, not warming - New Scientist http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn11648 - So they had to move on pollution which Penn from PEnn and teller fame easily exposed as a scam by the corporations for the green revolution which they exploit to no end, when all the trash on the planet could fit into a nice sized city intexas and never bother anyone)

- If we stopped pollution then the lack of drinking water (as if the corporations and organizations who recognize that drinking water supplies are dwindling only because the military and big biz have been contaminating it on purpose! remember when the military dumped millions of tons of vx into the ocean? http://feww.wordpress.com/2008/11/21/oceans-where- ... - as if they've never heard of desalinization plants)- If we solved the problem of drinking water then the lack of fossil energy (and don't get me started on the scam of calling oil a fossil fuel, when it's not from fossils and not rare. In fact, it's an abiotic material, created sort of like magma and many texans will tell you how reserves that they thought had been deplenished strangely come back online after a few years: http://freeenergynews.com/Directory/Theory/Sustain ... - and don't forget that in prudhoe bay alaska, lindsey williams explained how they tapped it off and restrict mining their because there' are 3x's the amount of reserves there as in all of saudi arabia!)

- If we managed to switch to renewable energy then deforestation (deforestation, ahh. we all care about it, and if only they told you of how after they devestate an area, the trees GROW BACK....and guess what, TWICE THE THICKNESS. it becomes an environmental nightmare because they are too close to eachother and too thick because of the stumps http://www.umich.edu/~mrev/archives/1997/10-8-97/e ... )

- If we stopped deforestation then overpopulation... etc. (let's not get on overpopulation... ok, then let's. lol. Fact is, all of humanities 7 billion could fit into Texas and have a plot of about 100 acres and a mansion . Earth is friggin huge. Humans are friggin tiny. Sort of like we see the son as huge, but all those tiny dots you see in the night sky are usually much larger than ours. Also, we know that the global elite seek to reduce human population by about 80%, that's from henry kissingers evil self! http://www.schillerinstitute.org/food_for_peace/ki ... )