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“The Truth & Nothing Barack The Truth”

History Repeats Itself

It was to be the end of a long, drawn out conflict and occupation. The people were looking for a beacon of light, of hope, and they found one in the most charismatic individual to arise on the political scene in over four decades.
The first black president.
He swept into office, set a worldwide precedent and gave hope to a world suffering from what could have been deemed terminal, psychological depression with maybe a hint of rage, bordering on insurrection. Meeting with a plethora of diametrically opposed dignitaries from the leadership of Europe and business tycoons in the U.S, to the queen, HOPE, was on the horizon.
You could be forgiven for thinking that the year was 2008 and that the president was Barack Obama. In fact, that year was 1957, and the president was Kwame Nkrumah[i].
The parallels between their presidencies, even in this early stage, are hair raising, but the implications of their culminations are frightening.
You see, Kwame Nkrumah was the first black on the continent of Africa to be elected president of the first independent African nation, Ghana. That quickly fell apart though, as forces within and without conspired to turn Ghana from riches to rags, a tale that would play out without pause or exception throughout the entire continent.
When Nkrumah took office, Ghana could have been considered the continents strongest economy with an abundance of natural resources and human ingenuity. That’s not unlike America is viewed today as the strongest economy in the world. No one could see it being anything else. Indeed, the prejudices and stereotypes, which today plague the people of Africa worldwide did not exist and were about to be created, one action at a time by insidious forces bent of destroying all the hopes, energies, and let’s not forget, material wealth that the population owned.
Today, as Obama takes office, the hopes, energies, and just as importantly, the material wealth, that ensures a nation’s stability is being ROBBED, by the EXACT same forces which robbed Africa, creating the destitution that is so popularized in the MSM, or mainstream media, today.
In Ghana it was not necessarily Nkrumah who was at fault, or even at all aware of the high scale looting operation that was occurring. Ghana’s treasury was completely cleaned out by the British[ii], former colonial masters, in the years preceding the independence movement, a movement which the British were well aware of and planned accordingly as every single president, prime minister, and military dictator that came to power was trained in America, Britain, France, other European states[iii], or were trained by the militaries of the colonial powers in Africa and were allowed to assume the mantle of control through force – The rest were assassinated[iv]. Following that, the Americans and other European nations finished that task by manipulating Nkrumah, trained at American Universities with faulty economic notions of how markets worked[v], into accepting ridiculous loans and spending lavishly on projects with no practical purpose for a nation with little to no manufacturing capabilities[vi].
This same process is taking place in America, as we find out that not only has our currency been devalued, but our credit, too, meaning our ability to get loans, has been restricted by the banks as Africa’s was and IS restricted - our leaders were allowed to spend frivolously during the supposed heydays of our economy on useless, wasteful, inane projects - business ventures like Enron damaged not only the base of our economy, but our credit scores and investor confidences, meaning, less wealthy foreigners are willing to trust us with their money, just as in Africa, savings were wasted on projects from Akosombo Dam to buying racing cars with no gas pumps – We’re finding out about the possibility that the American gold supply at Fort Knox has been looted[vii] and that amongst all of this, we are bailing out failed institutions, watching them fail AGAIN, bailing them out AGAIN and repeating the process without fail.
Nkrumah also brought with him from America another flawed ideal – a one continent order, or the dream of PAN AFRICA[viii]. Of course this was destined to fail, as all general, one size fits all approaches to state creation eventually fail[ix]. In fact, it is the worst approach of all, as it saps resources, leaves one open to potential enemies, political parasites, and of course the corrupt, highly intelligent and evil who have always, throughout history existed in all societies who wish for nothing more than to be on top, rule as a king, and suck the population dry. After all, isn’t the 6,000 years of recorded human history the story of us living in squalor, under a totalitarian despot who rules with an iron fist and unmitigated deviance?
So what about the similarities with Obama? That’s right. Obama brings with him the dream of, not just a continent wide order, that’s been done; he brings with him a one WORLD order[x]. And just as preoccupied with that dream as Nkrumah was, Obama has assembled, for all intents and purposes, the mightiest administration that this country has ever seen. It might be noted that the entire point of the establishment of the United States, as George Washington and our founding fathers envisioned it, was for the president to be second to the Congress, and both were to be the subjects of the people. Today, it is completely upside down. The blueprints of Successful government lie in the ability of the people to keep it small, weak, and subservient to the will of the educated and always vigilant population, because as we’ve seen this last decade, an all powerful government will always fail when it comes to the important jobs needing to be taken care of.
“Power corrupts. And Absolute power corrupts, absolutely.”
So, what happened to Kwame’s continent wide order? Ghana’s economy quickly fell into shambles, with per capita income falling by more than one third in the first 25 years after he took power.
By 2005, sub-Saharan Africa accounted for only two per cent of world trade. More than half of all Africans live on less than one dollar a day, the internationally recognized poverty line, and the number of poor people increased by one third from 1990 to 2005.
I am beginning to note with a tremendous amount of trepidation the swelling numbers of unemployed Americans with little to no useful knowledge or trade skills, minimal to zero foreign experience or understanding, a dying industrial, manufacturing base, dwindling trade with a growing trade deficit, an increasingly corrupt, morally bankrupt, as well as financially bankrupt population and government, with Ponzi schemes operated both by the smallest street scum to the highest offices!
Ladies and gentleman, we are faced with a fucking crisis!
Apparently the Europeans, mainly the British, won the battles and the war in the complete suppression of Africa as a player in the world’s economy. Nkrumah's economic mismanagement spurred unrest and he was deposed by the army in 1966, plunging the country into several decades of military rule, with one coup following another”[xi].
As History Repeats itself, could this be the makings of an American tragedy that is unidentifiable from Africa’s?
As I contemplated this question and researched answers, I stumbled upon something so vast and pernicious; I was literally taken aback….

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The Only Book Banned & Burned By The US Gov't

It might shock some to learn that at the same time The US emerged as the sole Nuclear superpower and the supposed torchbearer of liberty and justice, we were also banning and burning books which were written by American citizens and sympathizers.

The book was SECRETS OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE By Eustace Mullins: The London Connection.
Dedicated to two of the finest scholars of the twentieth century, GEORGE STIMPSON and EZRA POUND, Who generously gave of their vast knowledge to a young writer to guide him in a field which he could not have managed alone.

I can't help but to stress that this book was made, become wildly popular in Germany, banned, and burned by the United states military while simultaneously espousing our supposed righteousness to the globe. It angers me to see that even today, after so much corruption and degredation has passed, where it's clear that there is an emerging number of nation states which clearly have more freedoms than us, more safeguards for individual property, and yet we continue to claim to be number one in all regards.

Below is a weblink to the entire webbook for free and it's sincerely hoped you will take it, learn from it, and realize the high cost at which this book was produced to be distributed to you.