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A Conspiracy Larger Than Somalia

The situation in Somalia today is tense. World opinion is heavily against it. If asked, the average person on the street will more than likely reply that the militaries of the world need to respond, and aggressively. Pirates seem to run rampant, causing an estimated $14 billion in overall damage/loss. There hasn't been an EFFECTIVE government in over 20 years, since 1991 and the current government only has legitemate control over only half the country, and the presidents grip is tenuous, at best, with a current junta underway by Islamic extremists to oust him.

You could be forgiven for thinking that this is the typical African drama and that we need to either bomb it, or forget it. No no no. There is a conspiracy much larger than Somalia afoot. And here are the puzzle pieces you've never considered or even imagined existed.

First, let's just start at the beginning. As per the John Perkins exposed blueprint of state destruction through interest bombs, that are unpayable or military invasion, Somali broke down in 1991 like most other African nations at the hands of European influence. After the people attempted to regain order in the Muslim nation, the U.S and Ethiopians did their duty to destabalize the region by sending in troops:
"15,000 Ethiopian troops, with U.S. backing, invaded in an illegal war of aggression and ousted the IUC leaders who fled to the southern-most tip of the country. "

So a main reason to keep Somalia suppressed and instigate a military presence in the area is the discovery of oil wealth in that region. The purpose of the suppression is to restrict Somalians from gaining any wealth and order, but most importantly, prevent China or Iran or other nations from gaining that oil.

"“A new US cleansing of Somalian ‘tyranny’ would open the door for these US oil companies to map and develop the possibly huge oil potential in Somalia,” notes F. William Engdahl. “Yemen and Somalia are two flanks of the same geological configuration, which holds large potential petroleum deposits, as well as being the flanks of the oil chokepoint from the Red Sea.”"

Continuing. There is that nasty factor of control for the New World Order. The developing world which is not 100% controlled by Europeans must be quartered off and controlled thoroughly.

"Because the control of Somalia via puppet government, just like in Iraq, is a key factor in the Neocon plan to "shrink the non-integrating gap" of the new world order, as Thomas Barnett's 'New Map' of the world has it."

Moving on. What's the purpose of the pirate uprising? Well, quite simply, the "pirates" turn out to be simple merchant fishers and/or local thugs and/or grass up politicians who don't like nuclear waste, led, and cadmium being dumped into their oceans and all the fisheries being depleted.
"Yes: nuclear waste. As soon as the government was gone, mysterious European ships started appearing off the coast of Somalia, dumping vast barrels into the ocean. The coastal population began to sicken. At first they suffered strange rashes, nausea and malformed babies. Then, after the 2005 tsunami, hundreds of the dumped and leaking barrels washed up on shore. People began to suffer from radiation sickness, and more than 300 died.
Ahmedou Ould-Abdallah, the U.N. envoy to Somalia, tells me: “Somebody is dumping nuclear material here. There is also lead and heavy metals such as cadmium and mercury - you name it.” Much of it can be traced back to European hospitals and factories, who seem to be passing it on to the Italian mafia to “dispose” of cheaply. When I asked Ould-Abdallah what European governments were doing about it, he said with a sigh: “Nothing. There has been no cleanup, no compensation and no prevention.”"

So, you would think that the oil, food, and other giants' response would be swift and sweet, right? Oh no, there's a much greater agenda at work, as I said. Not just wealth generation for the already wealthy. It turns out that the Europeans and Americans, specifically the British, WANT these pirates attacking international merchant vessals.
"Somali pirates guided by London intelligence team, report says - The Somali pirates attacking shipping in the Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean are directed to their targets by a "consultant" team in London, according to a European military intelligence document obtained by a Spanish radio station.
The document, obtained by Cadena SER radio, says the team and the pirates remain in contact by satellite telephone."
Royal Navy captures Somali pirates... and sets them free
"Nearly a dozen pirates armed with rocket-propelled grenades, machineguns and grappling hooks have been seized in the Gulf of Aden, after being intercepted by a Royal Navy warship. “Clearly, with all the weaponry in the skiffs, there was an intent to commit piracy, but we hadn’t actually caught them in the middle of an attack so we had to release them.” "

Fact is, the majority of pirating is committed in ASIA, where the majority of mankind is. Indonesia and China, near Hong Kong have the most pirate attacks, and there is even a general warning of piracy near India. The sad irony is, all you hear in the news is Somalia committing piracy, when they actually commit piracy the LEAST!
"One thing for sure, for some time now the 2 most dangerous areas without peer are on either side of the Strait of Malacca, between Malaysia on one side and the Indonesian Island of Sumatra on the other. This is the main ocean highway from Asia to Europe, used by 50,000 ships per year.

Indonesia - 60
Phillipines - 15
India - 12
Malaysia - 10
Brazil - 10
Ecuador - 10
Bangladesh - 9
Somali - 9

I'll admit, i'm used to crying racism whenever something foul is committed against blacks, and i'd do it here if there weren't such ominous and more powerful forces at work here. What is with the propoganda against Somalia, when not only did the US and Britain destroy the country, then keep it suppressed, then continuously dump toxic AND RADIOACTIVE material into their oceans, THEN overfish and cause INCREASED starvation there, then obviously train and send out the "pirates" to attack these ships and launch of prolonged campaign to demonize them for it. What is the purpose behind these nefarious deeds.

You could be forgiven for just throwing your hands up and calling them all demons who demand blood and pain... and money. But no, the answer may be simpler in a Pinky and the Brain "TAKE OVER THE WORLD" sort of way. In fact, this seemingly large plot takes up a very small portion of the conspiracy.

The New World Order, as most people have come to call the unification theory of the conspiracy between the unified fronts of military, political, corporate, financial, heirarchical, supragovernmental, oligarchical, scientifical dominators in their bid to control the planet - they seek to control the globe one step at a time. One of those steps is to use the United Nations, or UN as a tool to neutralize opposition in their bid to rid all nations of their sovereignty to make all of us easier to manage and manipulate. A big part of that is to eliminate the belief that the worlds waters belong to any one nation, or even the nation in which that body...inhabits... or vice versa. I'll leave the semantics to you, and skip straight to the meat of this point.

The law of the sea treaty is NWO legislation to give the UN complete control of the worlds waterways. Using Somalia as a testbed of fomenting general anger, fear, and desire of the people to act against the pirates, the militaries of the world will seem to be generally helpless until the UN is forced to act and bring control to the shores of the globe.
"The Senate is poised to ratify the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST), which would give total regulatory jurisdiction over the world's oceans and seas to a United Nations body, the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea.
Follow this link to the original source: "25th Anniversary of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea"
On October 31 the authoritative Capitol Hill news publication, CQ Today, stated:
The Senate is likely to ratify a 1982 U.N. treaty governing the use of the world's oceans despite grumbling from a few conservative GOP senators.
That's right. After 25 years of stalemate, the Senate is poised to ratify the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST), which would give total regulatory jurisdiction over the world's oceans and seas to a United Nations body, the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea.
This is the same UN famous for its corrupt oil-for-food scandal. This is the organization that consistently votes against American interests. "
UN WANTS CONTROL OF THE SEAS WITH US SENATE'S HELP -"In the name of "social equity," a euphemism for "redistribution of the wealth," the UN's Law of the Sea Treaty will replace the freedom of the seas concept with central control from an international body, specifically the United Nations. Under UN control a new supranational agency has been created called the Seabed Authority.
The Seabed Authority is organized identically to the UN General Assembly using the one nation, one vote model. That means that numerous, tiny Third World nations can organize a block of votes hostile to the United States and other industrial nations. Such a setup has created an unworkable situation in the General Assembly and it's why that body achieves very little of worthwhile substance. Now, the same gridlock expects to rule the seas of the world.
The Seabed Authority will have the power to regulate all the seas -- roughlly seven-tenths of the world’s surface area. It will have the sole power to issue permits for fishing and mining and drilling operations under the surface. It can fix prices of sea products and impose quotas on how much is produced. It can levy international taxes and impose production quotas on deep-sea mining and oil production; control ocean research and exploration; and create a multinational court to enforce its dictates. Don't be surprised to see Seabed Authority ships plying the waters, stalking ships, and mining and drilling operations it deems in violation of its authority. "

So, we get down to the barebones of this article. Is the Somalian situation a manufactured IED to be used against us or simply a regular methane or CO2 gas bubble under a lake that has exploded to the surface without warning or provocation? To me the answer is obvious, but to be conservative, i'd be Shocked! SHOCKED! to find evidence of an elaborately constructed conspiracy against the people of the world!

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Juliet* said...

Whoa, scary stuff here... And just when so many of us Freedom-Lovers are thinking of turning to the sea as a last resort for Freedom! IF this bill is passed it will give an unfortunate new meaning to "LOST at sea"!