Friday, February 16, 2007

Free Energy

---here's how to develop a free energy device -- this is the final result of 30 years of research, very similar to what tesla accomplished. waves are longitudinal. when they break loose, they are longitudina wavesl, when tied up, they split in 2 waves, one is acting on electron, go sideways, travel down wires, following newtons 3rd law of gravity within nucleus. he and his associates have filed a patent on circular and longitudinal waves to flow energy frreely in *tesla fashion and use it separately in a load to power a load. called displacement. split normal current, dq, dt, = dc dt, and mass slippage of processing electrons currents down wire, and used barrier, invented by* bill fogul, stops mass flow (work flow, rate of energy loss within circuit), allows only flow past semi conducter, *1992 - uses free energy flow which does not disperse, conventional theory recognizes displacement as pure energy transport withiout displacement or losses
if he runs displacement current throu primary of step up transformer produces garden variety magnetic feild and stores free energy in magnetic feild. which couples to secondary, which coulples to electrons in that circuit load, which doesnt restrain them. pumps electrons in load conventionally and power load. has absolute conservatuion of load but does not conserve work loss, or dissapation. takes in conventioannly throug power source through ossilater power source or a/c, could do d/c, strip off and block component of current responsible for loss, take displacement current , couple it , gahter and place it through magnetic feild, couple it through other feild, discharge through other load completely separartely, none of load discharge current goes through source, yes, you can do over unity system. he just told the world how to build a free enrgy machine. DAMN! i'm using it.

This stuff is OUT THERE! go online to google video and look for it!

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