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Theory of Everything (20)

----animal extinction rate
( - Scientists estimate there are 10 to 30 million plant and animal species on the planet, most of them unidentified. Each year as many as 50,000 species disappear. Most die off, Tilman says, because of human activity. "We take natural habitats convert them to agriculture, to suburbia, to roads, to monoculture forestry. We fish the oceans so heavily we literally have these trolling nets that scrape the bottom of the ocean clean," he says.
Species extinction rate speeding upby Dan Olson, Minnesota Public RadioFebruary 1, 2005
Scientists say wildlife extinction rates are soaring. The die-off, they claim, threatens the planet's web of life or biodiversity which sustains farming, forestry and oceans. At a Paris meeting last week scientists called on world leaders to catalog and save species. One of the speakers was University of Minnesota ecology professor David Tilman. He's known around the world for his research showing the effects of human activity on the environment.
St. Paul, Minn. — The 1200 scientists and others at the international meeting sponsored by the government of France issued a statement at the end of the 5-day-long event. It said in part, "Biodiversity is being irreversibly destroyed by human activities at an unprecedented rate. . . (demanding) urgent and significant action."
New plant and animal species are emerging, University of Minnesota ecology professor David Tilman says, but not nearly fast enough to make up for the toll caused by human activity.
"That's sort of a 1 million to 4 million year process, and yet we are causing species to be lost at rates of 100 to 1000 times faster," he says.
Tilman says the rate of extinction is approaching what scientists assume happened 65 million years ago. That's when many believe a giant meteorite struck the earth, causing a dramatic climate change that led to mass extinction.
Thirty million years (later) things were pretty much back to normal, different species, dinosaurs were gone, mammals were here," he says.
Unlike then, Tilman argues, we can't count on time to heal the earth's wounds.
Scientists estimate there are 10 to 30 million plant and animal species on the planet, most of them unidentified. Each year as many as 50,000 species disappear. Most die off, Tilman says, because of human activity. "We take natural habitats convert them to agriculture, to suburbia, to roads, to monoculture forestry. We fish the oceans so heavily we literally have these trolling nets that scrape the bottom of the ocean clean," he says.
Dave Tilman is a member of the National Academy of Sciences, the country's top scientific body, the author of four books and more than 140 scientific papers.
Unlike some scientists, he doesn't hesitate to give his opinion on what his research means. Tilman says human behavior is affecting the environment and that our treatment of the earth amounts to a form of theft.
"What that means morally is that future generations will have a lower quality of life because we overexploited the habitat now," he says.
Tilman cites meat production as one of our most wasteful practices. He says raising grain as feed for beef cattle requires vast amounts of land and uses up lots of petroleum to make fertilizer to raise the crops.
"We're using an organism, cattle, that are highly specialized on living on low quality food, and we're giving them high quality food which their guts aren't able to handle very effectively," he says.
A wiser practice which preserves biodiversity, Tilman argues, is raising cattle on grassland that resembles the prairie. Ten years of research by Tilman and others at the Cedar Creek Natural History Area 30 miles north of the Twin Cities shows pasture with plant variety is more productive, releases cleaner water and tolerates extreme weather better.
Tilman argues saving the planet's biodiversity will require modifying human preferences for driving bigger vehicles, eating more meat and generally consuming more of everything around us.
He says we can't count on the market place alone to send the right signals for preserving biodiversity.
He says the next phase of his research will attempt to show ways for finding a balance.
"Might we be able to not only produce more pulp in a more diverse forest for paper production but maybe have that forest provide other services, cleaner water, store more carbon so we can remove more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, helping get rid of some of our effects of burning fossil fuel. . . finding ways we can use biological diversity as a tool to help society have a more sustainable world?" he asks.
Two specific proposals emerged at the Paris meeting he attended. One is a 25-year-long effort to catalog all of the earth's species, and another is to spend $25 billion to save the 25 most threatened environments including the Amazon forest.
- Extinction Rate Of Animals Is Increasing, Says A&M Researcher - ( - COLLEGE STATION - For too many animals, the only way we may ever see them is by flipping through a history book. The rate of extinction for many animal species is accelerating even faster than predicted. A study recently released by the World Conservation Union points out that more than 11,000 plants and animals could be extinct within the first few decades of the 21st century. It says one of every four mammals and one of every eight birds could face extinction. Those alarming figures are all the more reason people must practice conservation techniques, believes Texas A&M University researcher Dr. Duane Kraemer, who founded Project Noah's Ark, an effort to collect and preserve DNA and other genetic material from endangered animals. If an animal becomes extinct, it could possibly be re-introduced in the future by Project Noah's Ark scientists. "The new figures (on extinction rates) underscore the importance of all countries developing a comprehensive plan to save animals from extinction," says Kraemer, a veterinarian and a pioneer in embryo transfer and cloning procedures. "The rate of extinction is proceeding faster than most had believed. The loss of so many plants is important to our efforts because that contributes to the eventual extinction of some animal species." The report says that humans are the biggest factor in the extinction game. On a worldwide scale, expansion of industries, cities becoming larger, deforestation and poor land management have combined to threaten thousands of species, the report claims. The report notes that in the last 500 years, more than 800 species have disappeared, many of those forever. A few survive only in captivity. Project Noah's Ark, Kraemer says, is geared toward training people in the conservation field to collect genetic material from animals. Research and preserving genetic material from near-extinct animals is another mission of the organization. Project Noah's Ark is aimed at collecting sperm, eggs, somatic cells and embryos of endangered animals and storing the material in liquid nitrogen. The material can be used to maintain genetic diversity in existing populations. If the species becomes extinct, there would be enough of the building blocks to re-introduce the animal at a future date. "For too many animal species, extinction is inevitable. It's not a question of if, but of when," Kraemer believes. "Habitat preservation is the first line of defense against extinction," Kraemer says. "Collecting genetic material from these animals while they are still here is essential for providing a safety net in the event that they become extinct. What we still need is an awareness on a global scale that this is a crucial problem and there has to be a multi-faceted approach to saving these animals. If not, we will never see them again." Animals facing extinction range from the woolly spider monkey to huge sturgeons and several types of eagles. The report says that Indonesia, India, Brazil and China have the most threatened animals. The United States is no longer among the top 20 countries facing large amounts of animal extinction. "The list of endangered animals grows longer every year," Kraemer adds. "It is almost a certainty that if we don't take some type of action to preserve these animals and plants, they will be gone forever."

Contact: Keith Randall at (979) 845-4644 or Duane Kraemer at (979) 845-4220.
- Extinction ( - These are lecture notes from an experimental non-majors biology class taught in 1995 by Bruce Walsh, University of Arizona. Other lectures of potential interest:
99.9% of all species have become extinct
Without extinction, we would not be here
Mass extinctions vs. background extinction rate
Mass extinctions
many mass extinctions
Cretaceous-Tertiary (KT) extinction
many marine species
The Cambrian Extinction (500 MYA)
50% of all animal families went extinct
The Devonian Extinction (345 MYA)
30% of animal families went extinct
The Permian Extinction (230 MYA)
50 % of all animal families
95% of all marine species
all trilobites
many trees
Triassic extinction (80 MYA)
35% of all animal families
Quaternary (Pleistocene epoch) extinction 20,000 YA
massive extinction of large mammals and birds
Possible causes:
The ice-age
hunting by prehistoric man
idea due to Paul Matrin (here at Arizona)
Causes of extinction: Overexploitation
Hawaii : Arrival of Polynesians causes extinction of at least 39 species of endemic land birds
New Zealand: Colonization by Polynesians (1000 YA) followed by extinction of Moas and other large flightless birds
Introduction of humans:
20,000 YA into North America
30,000 YA into Australia
Recent examples: The great whales
Causes of extinction: Introduction of Pests, Predators and competitors
Rats, house cats:
decimated endemic pacific island birds which are mostly ground-nesting
Lost of mutualists
In Hawaii, many species of the Lobelia tree are endangered, due to the declining populations (extinction) of native nectar feeding birds
Causes of extinction: Habitat destruction Risks faced by small populations
Demographic stochasticity
random changes in the number of individuals due to random births and deaths
Genetic stochasticity
Genetic drift, the loss of genetic information by chance.
inbreeding depression
Demographic stochasticity
probability of extinction depends on both the population size and fine details of the population demography
sex ratio, age structure, age-specific birth and death rates
General formulae for time to extinction
T = a * Nb
Genetic stochasticity
Genetic drift
fixation of random genes do to small population size
Deleterious genes can be fixed
inbreeding depression
Effective population size, Ne
Rate of drift proportional to 1/Ne
want to maximize Ne in captive populations
Equal sex ratio
equal contribution from all members
More members of a breeding group, the better
Ne with unequal sex ratios
Ne = 4 N*r*(1-r)
N = total population size, r = % female
extreme case Suppose only a single male used
Ne = 4 - 4/n
Short-term Genetic risks faced by small populations
A population of genetically identical individuals is at high risk of disease
Wheat rusts
Cheetahs and FLV
inbreeding depression
Long-term Genetic risks
Populations require a certain amount of genetic variation in order to respond to changes in the environment
Genetic Vs. demographic stochasicity
Once alleles are lost, they cannot be recovered
mutation to reintroduce genetic variation is extremely slow (at least tens of thousands of generation)
Why save species?
genetical resources
ecosystem stability
ethical issues

---health : obselescent technologies and medicines that kill you


- ( - The Myth of American Health Care: The Lies that Are Killing Us
By Cheryl Seal
"Of all forms of inequality, injustice in healthcare is the most shocking and most inhumane." - Martin Luther King, Jr.
Need a good laugh? Here's a joke for you: America's standard of health care is the best in the world and therefore we should be willing to pay for it (as in high insurance premiums, high drug costs, high everything medical) so that we can continue to enjoy the best health in the world.
Now, when you have stopped rolling on the floor with helpless mirth, your tears of laughter will turn to tears of frustration and grief as you read the following sad litany of facts:
U.S. has the most new medicines in world, spends more of GDP on medicine than any other nation, and yet has the highest rates of cancers for at least 10 cancer types and the highest infant mortality rate of all developed nations. The conservative politicians say socialized medicine is bad because you might have to wait your turn for some nonemergency services, up to a few months. Why is that such a bad deal? - 42.6 million Americans face an even longer wait than that for ALL services - as in forever - because they have no insurance. That's the highest percentage of people without access to medical care in the world. We also have the highest number of ininsured of any developed nation (42.6 million).
So, check out where we REALLY stand compared to the rest of the world, re: statistics compiled from World Health Organization data and a Harvard U. study:
The U.S. ranks
NUMBER ONE in COST of health care, but NUMBER 24 in disability-adjusted life expectancy, and NUMBER 37 in the overall performance of its medical system and NUMBER 40 in the level of satisfaction recipients express for their care
Nearly half (48%) of all people in the U.S. with below-average incomes report that it is "extremely, very, or somewhat difficult" to get medical care when they need it.
They say the gauge of the quality of a society is how they treat their infants and elderly. Looks like we're a second rate banana republic:
INFANT MORTALITY RATE per 100,000 births
Sweden: 382Japan: 396Norway: 413France: 476Austria: 492Denmark: 551Canada: 552UK: 586Israel: 662 U. S. 772
It seems no surprise that the two nations most obsessed at present with death and destruction have the highest rates.
ELDERLY CARE: (From 2000 Harvard School of Public Health report)
More than 1 in 4 (29%) elderly Americans have a difficult time meeting their basic monthly expenses.
32% of U.S. elderly have no drug coverage.
20% of US elderly pay $50-$100 per month out-of -pocket for drugs, while 16% pay more than $100 per month. By contrast, under 5% of the elderly in four other developed countries pay more than $100 per month.
15% of elderly have foregone filling prescriptions because they could not afford it,
18 % have problems paying medical bills
The U.S. also has the greatest disparity between the health of the poor and that of the wealthy of all industrialized nations. Black infants, for example, have a mortality rate that is more than twice that of white children (14 versus 6 per 100,000).
If you believe what the drug company ads and the medical industry lobbyists tell you, you'd be sure that America is just a heartbeat away from beating cancer...that our cancer patients are damn lucky to be living in the good ole U.S. of A. Well, think again.
In addition to having the highest rate of prostrate cancer in the world as a nation, the U.S. also boasts the worst prostate cancer rates in world for a specific population: Black men in Atlanta Georgia, while black men in New Orleans have the second highest lung cancer rate in the world, after the Maoris of New Zealand
The U.S. also has the highest rates in the world of the following cancers:
Colon cancer in malesCancer of lung, breast, oropharynx, larnynx and bladder in women For both sexes: Pancreas, thyroid, non-Hodgkins lymphoma, multiple myeloma, myeloid leukemia:
America's five-year cancer survival rates for all types of cancer for all races: 4%whites only 5%blacks: 2%
And now here's a crowning fact in the cancer department. Billions upon billions of dollars are donated each year to cancer research from private, local, state, and federal sources. But cancer research fundraising has become just another Enron-style cash cow and PR op for the elite. Not surprisingly, Barbara and George Bush, sr. are the darlings of the cancer fundraising circuit. A recent study of the American Cancer Society (who awarded the Bushes their medal of honor for 2002) shows that only 16% of the billions poured into cancer research goes to cancer research. The rest goes to high-profile, big-buck figurehead positions and schmoozing.
For example, one of Enron's CEO's was named to a top post at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Clinic. This guy, John Mendelsohn, was one of the primary forces behind Imclone, the company now being investigated for fraud. After Mendelsohn got his post at the clinic, Ken Lay donated $55,000 to the clinic - but only on the condition it went to a special fund set up in the name of his pals the senior Bushes. The Bushes are major fundraising figureheads for said clinic. And, John Mendelsohn has been an advisor on key issues -like stem cell research - to G. W. Bush, privately meeting with him in August 2001 at the White House. Mendlesohn was caught failing to inform drug trial patients that he, the principle investigator for Imclone's drug Erbitux, has a vested financial interest in the outcome. But has ANYONE noticed Mendelesohn's name in the news, linked either with Imclone OR Enron? Nope! All they can see is Martha Stewart, who has been used, it would appear, as a big name smokescreen to hide the REAL dirty linen.
"My overall assessment is that the national cancer program must be judged a qualified failure," says Dr. John Bailer, who spent 20 years on the staff of the U.S. National Cancer Institute and was editor of its journal. Dr. Bailer also says: "The five year survival statistics of the American Cancer Society are very misleading. They now count things that are not cancer, and, because we are able to diagnose at an earlier stage of the disease, patients falsely appear to live longer. Our whole cancer research in the past 20 years has been a total failure. More people over 30 are dying from cancer than ever before . . . More women with mild or benign diseases are being included in statistics and reported as being 'cured'. When government officials point to survival figures and say they are winning the war against cancer they are using those survival rates improperly." Linus Pauling, two-time Nobel Prize winner, was even more blunt: "Everyone should know that most cancer research is largely a fraud and that the major cancer research organisations are derelict in their duties to the people who support them."
American medicine has become almost synonymous with drugs. To hear the drug companies line every night on the evening news (where their ads and free infomercials abound), they have an answer to every ill...they are concerned, paternal outfits interested only in a "better life for America." The truth is very different from the million-buck a minute ads. In reality, the pharmaceutical industry in America can only be described as cutthroat - literally and figuratively. The competition is so intense and the corporations so secretive that the big companies have become more like the CIA - but, if anything, less principled - less concerned for the "collateral damage." The trouble is, for the American drug companies, collateral damage = patient life and suffering. Drugs known to be dangerous are rushed to market now, the results routinely fudged. They are hyped endlessly through the mainstream media, which aids and abet the companies. Drug co. infomercials for new products are run on the nightly news as "Medical news." Then, some time later, when the body count starts to mount up for drugs whose deadly side effects were swept under the rug by tweaked results during drug trials and FDA folk "helping out" the drug barons, the drug is pulled, the companies sued. But, before the sh-t hits the fan, the companies make billions - more than enough to consider the subsequent lawsuits as a "cost of doing business." Case in point:
Baycol is a prime example of drug company evil: The drug was put out in 1998 and hyped relentlessly. You couldn't watch a TV show without seeing three ads..couldn't go into a doctor's office without seeing the slick literature or name sprinkled about (as on prescription forms provided by the co. as a freebie). The first deaths were reported within a year. Yet, despite maker Bayer's own evidence of the drug's danger, they continued to defend and sell the product, lobbying for approval of HIGHER doses. It was not until the confirmed death count reached 31, that Bayer withdrew the drug. In addition, by then, over 1000 cases of rhabdomyolysis or muscle weakness and/or damage were reported in association with the drug. Since then the death count and disability attributable to the drug has climbed.
But just a few weeks after the first big lawsuits were filed and the revenues started to dry up, Bayer's immediate money problems were solved by the oh-so-lucky coincidence of the anthrax attacks happening just then and the even better good fortune of having all the media pushing their product to a terrified America as the "only cure" for anthrax (Tom Brokaw even held his bottle like an old-fashioned carnival pitch man) - causing a huge run internationally on the drug. Of course it turns out Cipro was NOT the only drug that could treat anthrax - doxycycline, just a small fraction of the cost of Cipro, works just fine and with also just a fraction of the side effects of Cipro.
The cost of prescription drugs, in general, are inflated to a point that strains credibility, esp. when the same items go for half the cost in poorer nations. Worse yet, the drug companies use misleading advertising and product descriptions to convince doctors and their patients that a overpriced drug is the "best" remedy - one that may "save" them. Case in point: Plavix. Plavix (clopidogrel bisulfate) has been touted by iits makers (Sanofi Synthelabo and Bristol Myers Squibb as a wonder drug for preventing cardiovascular events such as stroke and heart attack. But the New England Journal of Medicine reveals that this heavily advertised and drug rep-pushed drug - which costs $3.02 a pill - is no more effective than aspirin, which costs 4 CENTS a pill. But Plavix, recently, accounted for an insane one-third of Sanofi Synthelabo's profits. Damn the consumer, full speed ahead.
The week before the terrorist attacks in Sept of 2001, an extremely critical expose' of the drug industry broke - and, of course, was quickly forgotten: Thirteen major medical journals from around the world joined forces to expose and condemn the manipulation of drug trial results by pharmaceutical companies. It seems the drug barons have been pressuring the university researchers who conduct drug trials into producing reports of results that will help gain drug approval. In some cases, the researchers are not given access to key data that might show an unfavorable result, or they are forced to use trial designss that will skew results to the drug company?s advantage while sacrificing accuracy. As a result, drugs with unknown, and sometimes ultimately lethal, side effects and questionable efficacy often make it far too quickly to market." (read whole story (date: 9/10) at
So what is the answer to this systematic abuse of Americans? For the Democrats to AGGRESSIVELY promote a universal healthcare system which guarantees that every American has an equal shot at healthcare. The misinformation about universal health care that is being spread by the insurance industry and their henchmen in the GOP is appalling. For example - promoting the lie that universal healthcare would bankrupt the government. What a joke - study after study has show that the cost of administering a centralized single-payer program would be LESS per citizen than the current ridiculous HMO system. In addition, the reduced number of lost days due to sickness and disability would be greatly reduced, as would the cost to the taxpayer of taking care of people who have gone without healthcare so long that they are, ultimately, thrown onto welfare or SSI unnecessarily. Healthcare MUST be independent of job. Corporate indiifference to employee wellbeing is notorious. Workers are routinely finding their providers changed, "edited" (as in covering less for more $) or the cost jacked up. Then, when the company decides to throw its workers over board so the overpaid CEOs can hoard the lifeboats, right in the midst of the stress of becoming jobless, workers are suddenly without access to healthcare. In Silicon Valley, the free clinic, once the only recourse for the very poor, is now having to try to find a larger building to accommodate the hundreds of jobless tech workers who benefits have run out.
Next, there MUST...and I cannot stress this enough...MUST MUST MUST be an independent agency that oversees the pharmaceutical industry. A board upon which NO drug or insurance industry employees - past or present - can sit. All donations to political candidates from the pharmaceutical industries, and ALL industries where human health is likely to be effected, must be BANNED, even if no other campaign finance reforms are made. Do this, and half the big lobbyist bucks thrown to candidates will be eliminated. In addition, legislation must be introduced that makes it illegal for anyone with any vested interest in the pharmaceutical industry and any other industry directly affecting human and environmental health to be appointed to any government position related to that industry. Right now, the Bush cabinet is stuffed with former pharmaceutical industry bigwig. Donald Rumsfeld's biggest claim to fame before coming into the White House and playing Geriatric General was calling in favors in Washington to insure that his company (Searle) was able to win FDA approval for its biggest cash cow of all time - aspartame ...DESPITE mounting evidence from trial results and medical testimony that the compound is NOT free from serious side effects. (the single biggest source of product health complaints filed with the FDA has, for years now, been re: aspartame).
In short, remove the incentive to screw America's health in favor of ready cash, and the abuses will decline. Do nothing, and disaster is just over the horizon. The aging of America - with more people living longer but not without chronic ailments (diabetes, heart disease, etc,, will all climb commensurately), a system without adequate healthcare in this scenario will be a nighmare...with America's social landscape resembling an impoverished eastern European nation from the 1950s more than the supposedly wealthiest, most "advanced" nation on Earth.

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- MORE ON THIS INSANITY! - ( - the cia, the contras and the crack cocaine epidemic. America's "crack" plague has roots in nicaraguan war. by gary webb
for the better part of a decade, a San Francisco Area drug ring sold tons of cocaine to the crips and bloods street gangs of los angeles and funneled millions in drug profits to a latin american guerrilla army run by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, a Mercury News investigation has found....
the we the people cia-drugs web site is dedicated to furthering debate on one of the most critical issues of our time: U.S. government complicity in the crack cocaine epidemics that has decimated so many of our inner cities and destroyed countless lives.

To read the series that started it all, cllick on Dark Alliance.
The Bush Machine And The Drug Cartel
Speech By Jeffrey Steinberg Counterintelligence Editor Executive Intelligence Review
"If George Bush is prosecuted, and goes to jail for the crimes he committed when he was the Drug Kingpin of the 1980s, this will be the single most important historical event in decades. It will define a realm of possible action that many people right now feel is impossible, or unfathomable - that it would ever happen. It can happen, it must happen. This is the responsibility of the American people." - Jeffrey Steinberg

--Now, looking around the room, I can see that at least some people were alive and active during 1961. So, reflect back on what the world looked like and what the United States looked like at that point. Kennedy was President. We were embarking on the Moon project, we were going through a brief period of economy recovery. The country was governed by cultural optimism, every kid in school wanted to be an astronaut, and there was scarcely a drug problem in the United States.
Yet, at a U.S. government conference in 1961, someone like Aldous Huxley could get up and spell out a vision for the future that was based on a drugging and counterculturalization of an entire society, very much of which has indeed happened over the last 35-year period since he gave this speech.
Huxley was not arrested by the FBI and charged with treason or sedition for even putting those kinds of ideas forward.
So, this is 1961. Where do we stand now?
Last summer, in July of 1996, Executive Intelligence Review magazine published a lengthy survey of the current state of the world's drug economy. We based this on material from the Drug Enforcement Administration. In fact, the DEA, every year since 1978, has published a fairly detailed statistical survey of what's occurred inside the world of the illegal drug cartels. And, they provide a kind of political-economic road map of this drug underground criminal economy.
( - In 1985, we already had a global epidemic of illegal drugs - the total value of the sales was $259 billion. About half of those drugs are sold in the United States.
That $259 billion is real money. This is real physical cash; fives, tens, twenties, hundred dollar bills, that go into the hands of the drug cartels. By last year, the $259 billion figure had doubled, in the span of one decade, to $521 billion. Again, figure that about half of that reflected sales of illegal drugs on the streets of the United States.
If you go back to 1980, the situation was already out of control: $189 billion in constant dollar value. But, if you look at the mid-1980s, which was really the period at which all of the various covert operations of the Reagan-Bush administration, the war in Central America, the war in Afghanistan, similar activities throughout Africa, were at their takeoff point. And, that coincides with the period of the biggest single increase in the distribution and volume of sales of illegal drugs in the United States and around the world. ...........
There have been massive transformations, even in the production of marijuana, to where the marijuana that is distributed in the grammar schools and on the streets of the U.S today, is 100 times more powerful than marijuana was 10 or 20 years ago. But, synthetic drugs, in a certain sense, are very much the wave of the future.
The figure of $521 billion a year in real money extracted from the pockets of citizens of every country around world doesn't even begin to tell the story of the magnitude of the money that we're talking about here.
Because the infrastructure that's been created, the global criminal infrastructure that is involved in the production and distribution of illegal drugs, is also a service economy that deals with other forms of illegal activity as well. Average: $200 billion a year in tax evasion, $125 billion a year in other money that's illegally smuggled out of one country and into another; $100 billion a year in other contraband commodities: precious metals, gold, diamonds, illegally smuggled petroleum. At this point, white slavery, human body parts, you name it. There's nothing that is out of the question in terms of commodities that are being smuggled on this global black market.
And, the figure of $70 billion only involves the sale of illegal weapons. This has nothing to do with the far larger amount of legal weapons that are sold.

George Bush's Drugging Of America: How It Was Accomplished
George Bush's Phone Number Found In Drug Smuggler's Trunk
George Bush's Phone Number Found in Drug Smuggler's Trunk - Affidavit of Sam Dalton
Affidavit of Gene Tatum
Justice Department Memorandum Identifies George Bush As Drug Trafficker
Cover Page Page One Page Two Page Three Page Four
KingPin Indictment Of George Bush
The record is clear. George Herbert Walker Bush stands guilty of crimes against the American people and crimes against humanity. During the 1980's he was the head of a vast criminal network that was responsible for unleashing death and destruction throughout the countries of South and Central America, flooding this country with illegal narcotics, turning our inner cities into virtual war zones, and destroying countless lives through the horrors of drug addiction.
The evidence we've presented also makes it clear that when our elected officials put their hands on the Bible and swear to uphold this country's Constitution, they have nothing but contempt for both - and the American people.
Justice delayed is justice denied. And in the case of George Herbert Walker Bush, justice has been denied far too long. The time has long since past when former President Bush should be tried for treason, put before a firing squad, and shot for this unforgivable betrayal of the public's trust.
-------------------......... it goes on and on...............
but the truth is, the legal drugs take far more lives, and provide far more income. One prolongs life with excruciating agony, one Detracts life with mindboggling speed and heartwrenching efficiency.
as i said, it goes on....and on.....and on....

----- ( - Narco terrorists and Kim Jong Il - drug money, nuclear bombs
TO ORDER DVD: www.VotetobeFree.comIf you really want to protect your children, ask yourself who is promoting drug use in America - it's mainly liberals and Hollywood. Narco-terrorists are using this drug money to finance terrorism while Kim Jong Il is using it to finance his nuclear weapons program. If you're doing drugs you're funding narco-terrorists. In 2006, the U.S. indicated Colombian drug lords for selling 25 Billion dollars of cocaine to finance terrorism. And the Washington Times reported, Bin Laden trafficked in drugs, "even though it's against the teaching of Islam, because it's being used to kill Westerners." Drug addiction is a worldwide problem. An old movie said those who acted arrogantly abroad were Ugly Americans. But today's ugly Americans and Europeans are the English teachers and businessmen who travel around the world and get children hooked on drugs. Drugs such as heroin generate billions for terrorists. And forget the port problems, the drug distribution networks can easily deliver nuclear weapons anywhere. North Korean has used tunnels to smuggle weapons and drugs across the DMZ, and similar tunnels have been found on the U.S. Mexican border. So think about it. If you take drugs do everyone a favor - get help and stop financing narco-terroists. Otherwise when a mushroom cloud rises in America you'll know that you helped fund it. Illegal drugs - Heroin (smack or horse), Ecstasy, LSD (acid), Crack Cocaine, Marijuana (Pot, Reefer, Grass, Weed, Dope)More issues: especially worried protecting keep economy cash they raise since mind next terrorist fascism Islamic militants Jihadists need democracy century globe benefit course economic political freedom brutal dictator allies ally military umbrella ship U.S. global threat relief natural disaster tsunami flood state muslim countries reduce Jihad war liberty hijack peace ideology hate Iraq conflict rogue nuclear clinton casualty civilian 9/11 911 attack battle Al Qaeda Al-Qaida Qaida Jihadist hatred extremist speech Madrid destroy terrorists fatwa bomb police Pakistan atomic scientist democrat politic politics foreign policy jeopardize future election history rule government ancient Greece French revolution Locke power B2 Saddam Hussein gulf Europe billion Soviet Union decade enemy radical infidel hindu president Bush battlefield hide homeland troop Osama Bin Laden Ayman al-Zawahiri Islam God right moderate Yemen explosion helicopter Black Hawk 747 jet commando plane missile Sudan bin Laden connect dot saudi arabia Luxor Egypt Khan bazaar Monica embassy Kenya Tanzania USS Cole suicide boat sailor Bill Hillary duo nazi machine Poland France Russia hitler camp fascist Jew Jewish atheist Churchill Roosevelt victory leader defeat Stalin iron curtain Soviet Berlin Blockade empire terror died death camp Moscow communism cleric gulag slave labor farm mass famine Korea UN DMZ regime axis evil Iran vicious tyrant butcher baghdad Kuwait chemical sadistic family rape bride food program bribe French Russian weapon stockpile Libya Khan mustard gas Kurd Iraqi grave CIA Thailand Hindu India Gore critic Republican Democrats lied Carter USA duty honor country risk support troops mission ruthless protect Falllujah fought valiant virgin heaven infidel finance trade deficit congress plan bankruptcy Senators senator lawyer lawyers Navy army Journal trillion credit GITMO prison Durbin Al Qaida Koran Patriot Byrd UAE Arab vote port trade surplus aircraft carrier dock defense contract deal Murtha industry campaign donation lobby firm morale General Pace slave chairman Chief Staff press antiwar rhetoric lobbyist Michael Moore anti McCain oasis Venezuela Hugo Chavez secretary Powell Madrid extremist Shiite Sunni U.N. innocent victim mosque Persian oil Africa Mosque Turkey life terrorism narco-terrorist Colombia cocaine time addict heroin smuggle DMZ Mexican Mexico border target tyranny drug narco network budget lawsuit bankrupt elect democratic party lead Blair die bang crime german hunt down sniper shotgun nazis debate unit guardian gay CBS NBS CNN elections afghanistan Israel roll past year 60 70 80 1000 set back video dvd show many grasp danger we face control regain presidency 2008 then america will countdown see spectacular how between wage waged throughout 1992 began most recent religion women rights appeased almost acquired militant race succeed our slow but sure halt spread must encourage states partisan sweetheart deals liberal K Street hurt endanger embolden make devastating result occur win poverty breed ground casualties civilian totalitarian concentration armageddon ronald reagan friend Philippines Rockefeller Lindbergh recruit volunteer rural Montana Alaska motto enlist adventure chance deck OK ready touchdown wow now Levin Dickens Ku Klux Klan Emirates client Indonesia ugly point points spend merchant grenade L.A. LA laser beam assault rifle new news champ champion destroyer mushroom radar rampage chaos strike daily ... (more) (less)
------and more.....and more....and more...........

( - Black Ops Drug Trafficking and the New UnderWhirrled Order - Secret Heartbeat of America - Bush, Contra, Crack and the CIA. Whilst journalist Daniel Hopsicker cannot quite make the leap to staged ... all » terror events he does an excellent job of linking Mena and the very SAME secret cabals in this film. Rooted in the deaths of two young boys on a railway line - it ascends to name those involved in narco-shipping and demonstrates how easily people in public places will all too easiy sell out. Hopsicker has also done illuminating research on the drug cartels linked to lead 911 hijacker Atta. Although he fails to see the hijackers as tools of a small global, banking, intelligence network and maintains 'it was them wot did it'. Support his work by visiting Madcowproductions website. «
..............and more.....................and more.................

- ( - RBG Photo Story Mini-Lecture: Can't Sell Dope Forever -
RBG Street Update 12-24-06: We Are Now An Scholarly Afri-Centered Cultural Development and Education Web Portal (Check it out and get involved) Lecture Notes and Extensions/Link Outs:Intro\Dead Prez - Wolves (1st track on "Let's Get Free").Stic: That's the Chairman Omali from INPDUM (International Peoples Democratic Uhuru Movement) It's about brothers having to hustle because they don't have any money or opportunities that we're aware of. The government pumps crack into the community to keep brothers down, such as the Black Panthers, etc. Brothers feel its a bright idea when they see they could get $50 from this little piece of glass rock product. When you're able to eat when yesterday you wasn't, thats a real self-esteem booster. That's a really hard thing to come down on people, but they feel like their actually doing something for themselves but the effect is like a wolf licking a blade, he's tasting the blood but he don't realize that its his own blood. He's so blood thirsty, so hungry to eat. It's not the wolfs fault, he got to eat just like everybody else, he's been tricked into thinking the blade is opportunity. Brothers are tricked into thinking that Crack-Cocaine is our opportunity and we're licking the blade and the blood we're tasting is us in prison, getting shot at parties and living in a military state. The Chairman says we need to blame the hunter, the CIA, government; the people who set us up in these conditions and robbed us from Africa and have been living off of us since we got here; the people who really benefit from the drug trade. The same crack-cocaine after a few years don't start to look better, it looks fucked up. So the money is going somewhere, could it be for more police officers? Weapons? And all the new sophisticated technology? That's what the intro to the album is represents. To look at things for what they really are and stop licking the blade and start using it.Can't Sell Dope Forever Technique Funk ... (more) (less)

------and more......................more...........and much more..........

( - Dateline Report On CIA Drug Trafficking - Gary Webb, Cele Castillo, Ricky Ross - If you ask me, those crazys at Dateline are a bunck of conspiracy theory kooks. Dateline Report On Cia Drug Trafficking Interviews ... all » With Gary Webb Cele Castillo And freeway Ricky Ross *** More Daily News Than Anywhere and Massive Subject Archives @ If You Dare «
( - BLOG Posted 12/13/2004
Gary Webb is dead.
He was the journalist who wrote a famous--or infamous--1996 series for the San Jose Mercury News that maintained a CIA-supported drug ring based in Los Angeles had triggered the crack epidemic of the 1980s. On Friday, the 49-year-old Webb, who won a Pulitzer Prize for other work, apparently shot himself. His "Dark Alliances" articles spurred outrage and controversy. Leaders of the African-American community demanded investigations. Mainstream newspapers--including The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Los Angeles Times--questioned his findings. And nearly a year after the pieces appeared, the Mercury News published a criticism of the series; Webb was demoted and soon left the newspaper. Two years later, he published a book based on the series.
Webb's tale is a sad one. He was on to something but botched part of how he handled it. He then was blasted and ostracized. He was wrong on some important details but he was, in a way, closer to the truth than many of his establishment media critics who neglected the story of the real CIA-contra-cocaine connection. In 1998, a CIA inspector general's report acknowledged that the CIA had indeed worked with suspected drugrunners while supporting the contras. A Senator named John Kerry had investigated these links years earlier, and the media had mostly ignored his findings. After Webb published his articles, the media spent more time crushing Webb than pursuing the full story. It is only because of Webb's work--as flawed as it was--that the CIA IG inquiry happened. So, then, it is only because of Webb that US citizens have confirmation from the CIA that it partnered up with suspected drug traffickers in the just-say-no years and that the Reagan Administration, consumed with a desire to overthrow the Sandinistas in Nicaragua, allied itself with drug thugs.

............and more...........................
( -
- Investigation of Bradley Earl Ayers Affidavit of Bradley Earl Ayers - Original Document
Since WeThePeople originally published the results of Bradely Earl Ayers investigation of CIA proprietary Southern Air Transport, the CIA itself has confirmed the results of his investigation in Volume II of its Inspector General's report. Yet more proof, if any were needed, that what the small army of former DEA, CIA, and FBI agents and whistlblowers has been saying is true: The CIA has been up to its neck in the drug trade for decades.
Verbatim from Volume II of the CIA's IG Report:
800. Background. Southern Air Transport (SAT) carried a variety of equipment, supplies and humanitarian aid for the FDN during the 1980s.
801. Allegations of Drug Trafficking. A January 21, 1987 memorandum from ADCI Robert Gates to Morton Abramowitz, Assistant Secretary of State for Intelligence and Research, stated that the U.S. Customs Service had advised CIA that the Customs office in New Orleans was investigating an allegation of drug trafficking by SAT crew members. The Gates memorandum noted that the source of the allegation was a senior FDN official. The memorandum indicated that the FDN official was concerned that "scandal emanating from Southern Air Transport could redound badly on FDN interests, including humanitarian aid from the United States."
802 .A February 23, 1991 DEA cable to CIA linked SAT to drug trafficking. The cable reported that SAT was "of record" in DEA's database from January 1985-September 1990 for alleged involvement in cocaine trafficking. An August 1990 entry in DEA's database reportedly alleged that $2 million was delivered to the firm's business sites, and several of the firm's pilots and executives were suspected of smuggling "narcotics currency."
803. Information Sharing with Other U.S. Government Entities. As previously noted, a January 21, 1987 memorandum from ADCI Robert Gates to Morton Abramowitz, Assistant Secretary of State for Intelligence and Research, reported that U.S. Customs had informed CIA that the Customs office in New Orleans was investigating an allegation of drug trafficking by SAT crew members.
General Khun Sa Names U.S. Officials Involved - Original Document Page1 - Page2 In Drug Trafficking: Ted Shackley and Richard Armitage Top Secret CIA Drug Smuggling Operations Oral Deposition of Richard Brenneke THE COMPLETE TESTIMONY! The Kerry Committee's Report On Contra Cocaine Trafficking Affidavit of Richard M. Taus - Original Document Declaration of Rodney F. Stich Amicus Curiae Brief - Rodney Stich Affidavit of Gene Tatum The Chronicles of Gene Tatum Special Investigative Report By Michael Montalvo, A Drug War POW Affidavit Of Stephen Crittenden Interview With Celerino Castillo Testimony of Celerino Castillo - Link The Oral Deposition of William Duncan The Testimony of George Morales The Affidavit of Edward P. Cutolo Richard Secord vs. Leslie Cockburn OLIVER NORTH DIARY ENTRIES "Want A/C To Pick Up 1500 Kilos" "14M To Finance Came From Drugs" "DC-6...Used For Drug Runs Into U.S." Confidential, Top Secret, and Declassified Information DEA Sensitive Barry Seal - The Spy Who Smuggled Operation Whale Watch Operation Watch Tower The Pegasus File - Part One The Pegasus File - Part Two Assassination - By Order of the President Executive Order 12333 - Excerpts National Security Decision Directive 3 Crisis Pre-Planning Group - Page 1 Crisis Pre-Planning Group - Page 2 The Drugs/Violence Nexus The Drug/Violence Nexus By Prof. Paul Goldstein Cocaine, Its Forms, Methods Of Use, And Pharmacology Cocaine And Crime Why The Drug War Will Never End By Steven Jonas, M.D., M.P.H.
..............and more and more and more...............

This pioneering, groundbreaking expose of 9-11, now two years old, painted a stark and accurate picture of our world today and TOMMORROW. ... all » Mike's new introduction "connects the dots." Other search word: Conpiracy «

MIKE RUPPERT IS THE MAN! - publisher/editor "from the wilderness" -
reeseasrch - allegations of cia involvement in drug traffiking. c-span fri. covered by rep . juanita m. mcdonald. d - cali.
- an offer of 10,000 has been offered to anyone who can disprove the authenticity of any of the sources and any of the claims made in this documentary. to this date, no one has able to make this claim.
(on september 20, 2000, california congresswoman barbara lee cast the only dissenting vote on the contreversial resolution sj 23 giving george bush full powers to attack terrorists anywhere in the world he saw fit, effectively giving him the broadest war powers offered any man in history, bar a criminal. )
"as we act, let us not become the evil that we deplore." - (give barbara lee a hug, because i couldnt have put it better) a member of the cleregy said

then cia director john deutsch was slated to become ssecretary of defense, for clinton. that confrontation cost him that appointment - it was because he was made to appear a fool.

**The Silencer Jan 31, 2007 Mark as SpamResources, Links, Videos, Discussions, Debates, News, Articles, User & Guest Views, Forums and much much more at:http://school-of-hard-knox.comCome and discuss the issues that matter in todays crazy world!Make It Count... Have Your Say Today!We want your views, ideas, oppinions, suggestions so why not let us know what you think about the world you live in.No Censoring... No Editing... No Logs...**

- **NyTeCRaWLeRx--
oct 19, 2006 Mark as SpamCommenter, Ruppert wasn't just targeting republicans. This is evident in the 2nd video where he confronted Bill Clinton's CIA director about drug money laundering. He also noted that Enron contributed to both parties. And he blames Clinton for putting so many drug offenders in jail during his term knowing that Wall Street was benefiting from flooding urban cities with cocaine.

Catherine Austin Fitts - Former Assistant Secretary , Housing and Urban Development - Past managing secretary, Dillon Read- a wall street investment bank - Mba - the wharton school of business -
36:39 minutes into the documentary, Ms Fitts states '- "when she was a little girls, solary index is the world being of a neighborhood, percentage that believes a girl can go outside her neighborhhood go buy a popsicle and come home unharmed. the dow jones was 500. today is reversed. one of the ways we financed the dow jones is selling drugs to children. how money works in organized crime in philidelphia. talk about how they can help culture spiritually evolve. biggest most profitable industry today. ddrugs. dept estimates u.s. is biggse with 500 bil to trill . she asked what would happen what would happen if we stopped selling drugs, they said, stocks would crash, toruble financing deficit. that's a lot of capital for that. she said, ok, lets pretend, theres a big red buton, if you push it, you can stop organized crime in america, who would push it. out of 100 ppl, only 1 person would push the button. so what she asked is, you want a wholoe armada to finance drugs to your kids and family so that your mutual funds can be high and you can finance your mortgages and retired easy, they said .....yes. ---we can change that. we are addicted to drug problems, if we can't face it, god can't fix it. she's an idiot of course, but she has the right idea.
---go check it out how the u.s. economy is dependant upon drug money - "minority staff report permanent subcommittee on investigation report on correspondent banking : a gateway for money laundering. " - just look for the report on correspondent banking - they don't exactly admit that the u.s economy is addicted to drug money among other things.

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On The Essence And Matrix Of The Universe-Life
The following three sentences are the shortest data-based TOE…seriously.

Natural Selection/ Self Replication/ Gravity

- Self-replication is the ultimate mode of natural selection is the essence and drive and purpose of the universe. Period.
- The pre-Big-Bang singularity is the ultimate self-replication of the cycling mass-energy universe. Period.
- Earth’s RNA nucleotides life is just one of the myriad modes of self-replication.

Dov Henis (comments from 22nd century)
-The 20yrs development, and comprehensive data-based scientism worldview, in a succinct format.
-The Genome is a base organism evolved, and continuously modified, by the genes of its higher organism as their functional template.
- Everything in the universe derives from mass-energy duality, from the universe cycle between its two poles all-mass/all-energy.
- The Origin Of Gravitons is the ONLY thing unknown-unexplained in the Scientism Universe.