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Theory of Everything (18)

---gordon novel --
hell, even i don't trust gordon novel. i can't tell whether he's a liar, a gov't agent, or a good guy. he reminds me of my father, which makes me think he's got real good in him, but sometimes, i get the feeling he's just way smarter than us all, too clever for us to really know he's lying his ass off. This may be a man who's trying to help people, or trick the shitboots off of us .
( - Biography - Gordon Novel came from New Orleans. According to Alan J. Weberman: "In his youth, Gordon Novel belonged to a neo-Nazi group and was arrested and charged with bombing a Metairie, Louisiana, theater that admitted blacks". In the early 1960s Novel ran an electronics firm which specialized in selling equipment used for bugging.
It was claimed by Jim Garrison that Novel was formerly a member of the Central Intelligence Agency and was an associate of Sergio Arcacha Smith, David Ferrie and Guy Banister. It was also reported that Novel worked with the Cuban Revolutionary Front during the Bay of Pigs operation via the CIA proprietary, the Evergreen Advertising Agency.
According to William Torbitt Novel had been seen by a Dallas attorney having meetings with Jack Ruby and William Seymour in the Carousel Club during October and November, 1963. Another author, Paris Flammonde (The Kennedy Conspiracy), claims that Novel was questioned on five separate occasions following the assassination of John F. Kennedy.
Jim Garrison discovered that Sergio Arcacha Smith, David Ferrie and Guy Banister had been involved in a CIA operation to pick up "war material" for the Bay of Pigs attack at from the Schlumberger Well Company. Garrison subpoenaed Novel but he fled to Ohio. However, the James Rhodes, the Governor of Ohio, refused to extradite him unless Garrison agreed not to question him on the assassination.
A few weeks after Novel fled from New Orleans a woman cleaning his old apartment found a penciled draft of a letter wedged under a plastic cover alongside the kitchen. The letter was addressed to a Mr. Weiss. This letter was passed to Jim Garrison who concluded that it was a letter to Novel's CIA contact. "I took the liberty of writing you direct and apprising you of current situation, expecting you to forward this through appropriate channels. Our connection and activity of that period involves individuals presently about to be indicted as conspirators in Garrison's investigation."
Novel also said in the letter: "We have temporarily avoided one subpoena not to reveal Double Chek activities or associate them with this mess. We want out of this thing before Thursday 3/67. Our attorneys have been told to expect another subpoena to appear and testify on this matter. The fifth amendment and/or immunity (and) legal tactics will not suffice." Alan J. Weberman has pointed out that E. Howard Hunt worked for Double Chek in Miami.
In an article in Ramparts Magazine, William Turner claims that Novel admitted that the pick up at the Schlumberger Well Company was one of "the most patriotic burglaries in history." Novel is also said to have confessed that on the day the munitions were picked up, he "was called by his CIA contact and told to join a group which was ordered to transport munitions from the bunker to New Orleans."
In 1974 Jack Anderson reported that as a result of Watergate Charles Colson asked Novel to build a "degaussing gun" to erase tapes stored at the CIA and the White House that would incriminate Richard Nixon.
--( - Gordon Novel: CIA Agent or Con Artist?-Dave Reitzes-On August 12, 2002, I received an e-mail from Gordon Novel, stating, "I HAVE NEVER KNOWINGLY WORKED FOR THE CIA NOR AM I A CON MAN," and threatening to "promptly proceed against you personally and individually in United States Federal Court for the extensive and totally specious and patently libelous FALSE information you have put on the web about me, 'Gordon Novel - CIA Agent or Con Man,' unless it is removed immediately from your web site . . ." (Ellipsis as in original.)
After speaking with Mr. Novel on the telephone, I agreed to temporarily remove the article from my site, on the condition that he furnish me with corrections to all statements in the article he regarded as false. He agreed to this. I never heard from him again. The article is being made available again on the presumption that all information contained in it is accurate, and that all conclusions I have drawn in it are justified by the factual evidence presented.
Both during his ill-fated JFK conspiracy probe of the 1960s and in his later memoirs, Jim Garrison seized upon statements and actions of alleged CIA operative Gordon Novel as support for Garrison's claims that the CIA had been involved in the assassination of President Kennedy and was actively impeding the DA's conspiracy investigation. It is the purpose of this article to demonstrate that Garrison's claims were groundless.
David ReitzesNovember 15, 2003
- Renegade: Gordon Novel on CameraA video interview with Gordon NovelLos Angeles, December 2006Shot, edited and directed by Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan ( - Gordon Novel is a fascinating man. Carried along on the train of history, Gordon Novel has had a front seat to many of the most controversial chapters in U.S. history. From the Kennedy assassination to Watergate, Waco and beyond, Gordon has really seen it all. In his first interview for over a decade, he gives us a glimpse of his role and perspective on a multitude of subjects including; the Vietnam war, Saddam Hussein and his trial, Majestic and the CIA, UFOs, the 'Extraterrestrial Revolution' and much more.He is charming, bold, uncompromising in his vision and determined to change the world. We are given a special look at Gordon's new quest to bring free energy to the world, along with news of his proposed motion picture in development, KINGDOMS COME, in a deal being brokered with some of the biggest names in Hollywood. With the support of the CIA, he believes his vision of a world set free from the confines of oil and gas will become a reality. A big picture thinker with a strong will and an indomitable spirit, he is forging ahead against all odds. His fierce dedication is something to behold and we wish him every success in his quest.

----mr. john callahan --

-( - Brian E. Smith, current head of the Aviation Safety Program at NASA-Ames, agrees. "There is objective evidence in pilot reports of unexplained events that may affect the safety of the aircraft, " he says. "Yet getting people to take an objective look at this subject is sometimes like pulling teeth." Indeed, the Airline Pilots Association, our largest pilots union, and the Flight Safety Foundation, describing itself as "offering an objective view of aviation safety developments," ignored NARCAP requests for a response to the study. In recent phone interviews with this reporter, representatives dismissed the report out of hand after glancing at the executive summary. However, such dismissals may soon lose ground. Next Wednesday, John Callahan, former division chief of the Accidents and Investigations Branch of the FAA, will disclose FAA documentation and subsequent CIA suppression of the Terauchi encounter over Alaska. Callahan will be joined by more than 20 other government and military witnesses, and dozens more on videotape, at a National Press Club briefing to challenge official secrecy about this subject. Retired United Airlines Capt. Neil Daniels, whose DC-10 was forced into a left turn because of magnetic interference of cockpit compasses by a brilliant UAP, is among the many who want change. "The energies out there are absolutely profound," he says. "I think we need to know what they are."
faa chief or head. - participant in the disclosure project (more on project: 9

---mark cornkea
(in prison--7 years for cops running him off road. the guy who robbed bank got 2 years with minimum security... out of prison in 41 days after 2/6/07)
nancy cornkea (wife)

---we the people and what it does.
( - The We The People Foundation is committed to educating Americansabout their Fundamental Rights and the history, meaning and power of the Constitution, and the essential Principles of Liberty.Where our servant governments have abused the limited authorities that the People have delegated, the Foundation confronts and holds these governments accountable to the federal and state written Constitutions.

----joe sansone ---
( - publisher of the eye is watching
----Joe Sansone is the founder and president of USA Daily as well as a weekly columnist. Mr. Sansone is the co-founder and former vice-chairman of the American Reformation Project Joe has previously hosted a Central Jersey Talk Radio Show and has been a political activist in both third party and Republican politics. Mr. Sansone's columns have been regularly featured on the Patriotist The EtherZone and have also been periodically featured on the commentary page of World Net Daily .

AND THE MANY OTHERS - Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed Kevin Barrett Robert M. Bowman Andreas von B├╝low James Fetzer David Ray Griffin Sander Hicks Jim Hoffman Alex Jones Steven E. Jones Thierry Meyssan William Rodriguez Michael Ruppert Peter Dale Scott Webster G. Tarpley Jimmy Walter Barrie Zwicker

breakdown of having undertaken 9/11 (examples of people doing it, seeing people do it. etc)
---(C-Span (CSPAN) covered this American Scholars Symposium on 911 in Los Angeles. The 9/11 story presented to us by the mainstream media was a ... all » bit shady I thought, so this video really helped to clear some of it up for me. I downloaded this film from and have been granted access to show it to you here by Alex Jones. Please watch this and feel free to show it to others. -ken solar see also: keywords: September 11th, 2001, charlie sheen, infowars, steven jones, robert bowman, james fetzer, webster griffin tarpley, william rodriguez, loose change, dylan avery, truth, day 2, second day, 2nd day « )
---steve jones
( - Steven Earl Jones is an American physicist. Before gaining attention as a "conspiracy theorist", he was known mainly for his work on cold fusion. Though his work differed substantially from that of Pons and Fleischmann, he played a significant role in the controversy surrounding their experiments. Jones announced his retirement from Brigham Young University on October 20, 2006,[1] amid controversy surrounding his hypothesis that the World Trade Center was destroyed by controlled explosive demolition.[2]HYPERLINK \l "_note-1"[3]HYPERLINK \l "_note-2"[4]
"WTC collapse controversy
At a department seminar held on September 22, 2005, Jones presented the substance of the paper that would become "Why Indeed did the WTC Buildings Collapse?".[13] His hypothesis is that on September 11, 2001, the World Trade Center towers and Seven World Trade Center collapsed as a result of controlled demolition, not the impact of the airplanes that hit them or the fires that followed. The paper does not claim to prove this hypothesis, but calls for further scientific investigation to test it along with the release of all relevant data by the government. Shortly after the seminar Jones made the paper available on the website of the physics department of Brigham Young University. It would eventually be published in a book of essays critical of the official version of the September 11, 2001, attacks, 9/11 and American Empire: Intellectuals Speak Out, edited by David Ray Griffin and Peter Dale Scott.[14]
Jones has been interviewed by mainstream news sources and has made a number of public appearances, including the 9/11 + The Neo-Con Agenda Symposium, which was held in Los Angeles on June 24-25, 2006.[15] While Jones has urged caution in drawing conclusions,[16] his public comments have suggested a considerable degree of certainty about both the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center and the culpability of agents working within the U.S. government.[17] In an article published on September 5, 2006, Jones told The Guardian that the attacks were an "inside job".[18] His name is often mentioned in reporting about 9/11 conspiracy theories.[19]
The paper has been the center of controversy both for its content and its claims to scientific rigor. Engineers have dismissed the controlled demolition hypothesis with reference to the consensus that has formed in the engineering community about the collapses.[20]HYPERLINK \l "_note-17"[21] Jones's early critics included members of BYU's engineering faculty[22] and shortly after he made his views public, the BYU College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences and the faculty of structural engineering issued statements in which they distanced themselves from Jones' work. They noted that Jones' "hypotheses and interpretations of evidence were being questioned by scholars and practitioners", and expressed doubts about whether they had been "submitted to relevant scientific venues that would ensure rigorous technical peer review."[23]
While Jones has always maintained that the paper was peer-reviewed prior to publication, doubts about this remain. On Thursday, September 7, 2006, Jones removed his paper from BYU's website at the request of administrators and was placed on paid leave.[24] The university cited its concern about the "increasingly speculative and accusatory nature" of Jones's work and the fact it had "not been published in appropriate scientific venues" as reasons for putting him under review.[25] The review was supposed to be three-tiered, with the school's administration, the College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences and the Physics Department involved.[26] This action has drawn fresh criticism from the American Association of University Professors and the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. Both organizations are long time critics of BYU's record on academic freedom.[27]

[edit] Scholars for 9/11 Truth
Jones was a founding member of Scholars for 9/11 Truth and has served as co-chair, with James H. Fetzer, since its inception. Since mid-November of 2006, he, Fetzer and a series of other researchers and individuals, have been engaged in an open dispute about the direction the organization should take. Fetzer has claimed that Jones wants to suppress some alternative theories about 9/11, including those of Judy Wood and Morgan Reynolds involving the destruction of the WTC by mini-nukes, high-energy weapons and the so-called "no-plane" theories.[28] Jones has examined the mini-nukes hypothesis experimentally and rejected it,[29] and has questioned whether theories about high-energy weapons are testable.[30] This disagreement continues an earlier dispute with former mechanical engineering professor Judy Wood, who, while making assertions that high energy devices may have caused the destruction of the WTC, claims that Jones is not examining all the evidence and hindering attempts by others to do so.[31] Part of the dispute is about the Scholars' website, which Fetzer controlled until January of 2007 when Fred Burks was given the domain and created a different page. On November 25, Fetzer announced that he was temporarily removing Jones from his position as co-chair.[32] On Dec 5, 2006, Fetzer announced that Jones had resigned as a member of ST911.[33]Jones has also responded to the positions of Reynolds and Wood directly.[34] Others have also stated that the papers generated by Wood and Reynolds contain a series of ad hominem attacks and assert that they develop little, if any, evidence or serious analysis.[35]HYPERLINK \l "_note-32"[36]

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