Sunday, February 18, 2007

MicroCredit and the Developing world

The developing world is truly turning around. Finally finding something that I thought of when I was 17. I developed the idea of micro funds, allowing those with little cash, little demand, to get funds and invest it intelligently into their community. Cut off extraneous trading sources and trap the money into the minimal economy, only allowing them to expand once they reach sufficient magnitude and the entire community is well cared for.

All humans deserve a chance to live. Even though it's believed that this world WAS only developed to support 500 million humans, I think technology can change anything.

Breaking Through: Grameen Foundation USA Microfinance Programs

Grameen Foundation USA with Rooy Media LLC 16 min 24 sec - Mar 1, 2006 all » microfinance, a proven poverty reduction program. Since 1997, Grameen Foundation USA has been working across the globe to help them pull themselves from poverty by starting, sustaining or expand tiny businesses. Breaking Through gives you a glimpse of what this has meant for millions throughout Africa, Asia, the Americas and the Middle East. Narrated by acclaimed actress Blair Brown and produced by the social-issue media company Rooy Media LLC, the 16-minute documentary introduces you to our front line partners and some of the families whose lives have changed through microfinance. We encourage you to share this film with your friends so that they can learn more about the power of microfinance. GFUSA is grateful to Robert and Lore Eichfeld and Richard S. and Lois Gunther for their support of this project. «

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